Your donations to Kittelson Charitable Foundation will literally change the world by helping us keep very deserving students in school, on their way to achieving personal success. As important, it will also put them in position to help others too. Pictured on the right are some of the students at Gabiro High School who hadn’t been able to even attend school before receiving our sponsorships. And pictured above are some of the same students who, a year later, are shown at Mpanda Vocational Institute where they are learning trades that will give them the skills they need to help themselves.

Here are some examples of how far your contributions can go for each student:

  • $1 will pay for three daily meals
  • $10 will pay for bedsheets, examination books, and shoe polish
  • $50 will pay for textbooks and school uniforms
  • $100 will pay for a mattress, wash bucket, and soap, toothpaste, and shoes
  • $150 will pay the tuition, room and board for a high school student for one term
  • $750 will pay all school and living expenses for an entire school year
  • You can see that financial gifts of all sizes have important and lasting impacts on the students and their families. Whatever you can contribute will go a long way toward transforming lives and realizing dreams. Please click on the link below to go to our secure donation page:

Link to Secure Donation Page

And on behalf of the students, their families, and their friends, thank you so much!

Another way to donate:

If you ever shop on Amazon, consider using
and selecting “Kittelson Charitable Foundation” as the charity to which you’d
like Amazon to contribute 0.5% of any purchases you make. There’s no difference
between “” and “” other than that Amazon will make
contributions to the charity of your choice at “” based on your
purchases. So, whenever you shop on Amazon I hope you’ll start out at – it’s a no-cost way to provide additional support to our
students. And if you can extend it to the point where your family and friends are
doing the same thing, the results could be very impressive! Check it out at

How does it help?

All money that is raised will go directly toward programs that benefit the students and their families. This includes tuition payments, school supplies (paper, pencils, examination books, etc.), boarding supplies (school uniform, shoes, mattress, hand soap, toothpaste, etc.), meals, and a family stipend that keeps families together and encourages parents to leave their children in school.  There is no payroll at KCF, and so all money is focused on education and on helping the students and their families help themselves. The Kittelson Charitable Foundation works from the premise that education is the key to independent success – the kind of success that ultimately empowers each individual to change not just their own world, but our world too.