KCF Letter Updates

Here you will find archived copies of letter updates that we typically send out every 6-8 weeks. These letter updates are sent to our sponsors and of course anyone else who has an interest. They describe, as they occur, the challenges our students face as well as the successes they and their families achieve. If you are new to KCF, these archived letters will give you a very good perspective on how KCF, the students, and their families have evolved over time.

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KCF Letter Archive
Date General Topic
Nov 2016 2016 Activities and 8th Annual Online Auction
Jan 2016 Student Updates and the 2016 Rwanda Tour
Nov 2014 2014 Activities and 6th Annual Online Auction
Apr 2014 Student Updates and Donating Through Smile.Amazon
Nov 2013 2013 Rwanda Tour, Cultural Art Exchange, and 5th Annual Online Auction
Sep 2013 Frank Bayingana's visit to the United States (Portland)
Nov 2012 2013 Rwanda Tour, Student Updates, and 4th Annual Online Auction
Sep 2012 Mpanda student internships and the First Annual Gala Event with the Del McCoury Band
Jun 2012 Letter from Emile Nsengiyumva,currently attending ULK University in Rwanda
Mar 2012 Letter from Rwanda Rising Scholar Ivan Mutabazi
Jan 2012 The Choir Behind the "Musical Greetings" CD
Nov 2011 Frank Bayingana, James Bayingana, and "Miracle in Rwanda"
Sep 2011 2011 Tour to Rwanda
Jul 2011 Steven Afazari, Emmy Nkotanyi, Mpanda Vocational School, Joshua Ishimwe and Natasha Mutangana
May 2011 A New Rwanda Rising Scholar
Jan 2011 Jeannette Uwamahoro's visit to the United States
Nov 2010 2010 Tour to Rwanda and Update on the Students