Mpano Miles Colline

Mpano (the name means “Gift” in Kinyarwanda) was born on June 30, 2009 as the first son of Niyeze Emmanuel, who is the son of Emmie Asaba’s sister Agnes. Mpano’s mother is Mbabazi Brenda.  Mpano’s father was in school up to S.6 (the equivalent of a high school senior) but did not go further. Niyeze was taking an IT diploma course in order to better himself but he was recently imprisoned on charges that are yet to be adjudicated, and his family has been severely affected as a consequence. Mpano’s family had some difficulties and so he went to stay with his grandmother (Emmie’s sister Agnes), and he also has a younger brother Mico who now lives with the boys’ mother at the home of Mbabazi Brenda’s parents. Mpano is in a good environment right now and Emmie thinks that putting him into a good school can help transform his life.

Mpano outside his home in Kigali (January 2013)

Mpano outside his home in Kigali (January 2013)

With the sponsorship and financial help of Abhishek Parikh through KCF, Mpano is now attending La Combiere School. It is a very good pre-school, as we know from having sent another of our students (Joella Uwayo) to the same school in 2012. Joella did very well at the school and entered kindergarten the next year with many advantages. Our experience and belief is that we can have the most transformational impact on the kids if we intervene early enough to get them into good/excellent schools and environments. That’s what we’re trying to do with Mpano.



Here are two short videos of Mpano. They were both taken near the end of January 2013,  The first one shows him demonstrating his counting prowess, while the second one shows Mpano introducting himself to you..

In September 2013 we got to meet up with Mpano at an extended family dinner at Emmie’s home. He was pretty quiet and shy, and seemed to be really attached to one of the girls KCF has been sponsoring (Christine Nykazi) – he stayed with her wherever she went!Mpano at a dinner at Emmie's home (Sep 8 2013)

Mpano at a dinner at Emmie’s home (Sep 8 2013)