Student Art Exchange

In June 2013 we asked students in several USA classrooms to prepare art “messages” describing what their life is like in the United States. We asked them to use their art to answer such questions as, “What do you do when you get up in the morning?” “How do you travel to school?” “What is your day like at school?” “What do you do in your free time?” “What does the world you live in look like?” The single constraint we imposed on them was that their art message should include at least one handprint of one boy and one girl from the class. These handprints would serve as a kind of greeting and also as a way of demonstrating, in very physical terms, that we’re all basically the same.

We brought the same art materials to every classroom to ensure everyone was using the same resources:

(1) A 2 ft x 6 ft piece of blank poster paper
(2) Finger paints in various colors
(3) Markers of various colors and widths

We told the students we would deliver their art messages to students in Rwanda who are about their same age and then ask those students to do the same in return. Classrooms that participated ranged from First Grade through High School.

Below are the terrific and creative art messages that were prepared by the US students and their Rwanda friends. Hover your mouse icon over the picture to pause the slide show.