About KCF


The Kittelson Charitable Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that sponsors the education of students from Rwanda who can’t attend school otherwise. It strives to help these young individuals help themselves so that, in time, they can help others too. In this way and through their continuing hard work, commitment, and success,Rwanda can be transformed and a brighter future will lie ahead.


All money that is raised will go directly toward programs that benefit the students and their families. This includes tuition payments, school supplies (paper, pencils, examination books, etc.), boarding supplies (school uniform, shoes, mattress, hand soap, toothpaste, etc.), meals, and a family stipend that keeps families together and encourages parents to leave their children in school.  There is no payroll at KCF, and so all money is focused on education and on helping the students and their families help themselves.The Kittelson Charitable Foundation works from the premise that education is the key to independent success – the kind of success that ultimately empowers each individual to change not just their own world, but our world too.


Rwanda is an ideal place to have significant, positive, and enduring effects on the lives of individual people and, at the same time, to leverage that impact to the benefit of many others throughout the world. In 1994, a genocidal civil war took place in Rwanda, killing a million people in just 100 days. Nearly 400,000 children were left without parents or families, making them orphans. Refugee camps were overwhelmed and international relief services were either curtailed or slow in coming. Rwanda’s infrastructure was destroyed. And yet today, just one generation later, Rwanda shows much promise. Rwandans speak of themselves as Rwandans rather than the ethnic identities that separated and condemned them before. An amazing level of reconciliation has occurred that has become a model for the rest of the world. Rwandans are friendly and optimistic people who genuinely appreciate and value the outside support they receive. Even so, 40 percent of Rwanda’s population is under the age of 14, most families live in small villages with no electricity or running water, and so the people of Rwanda still need help. Education is the key to improving living conditions and preventing the intolerance that leads to violence. Ultimately, education will also give Rwanda’s people the dignity and power of being able to help themselves and others too.

The Kittelson Charitable Foundation is helping to educate this country one child at a time.